Terms and Conditions


Reservations can be made either online by selecting one of our apartments and filling the reservation form, or you can contact us with your accommodation needs and we will gladly help you find an apartment and make the booking. In order to confirm a reservation, it is required to cover a prepayment of either a percentage of the total cost or 200 USD depending on the duration of the stay. Prepayments can be made either with credit/debit card (through the PayPal system) or with a bank transfer. The remaining balance for the rent must be paid in cash at check in, for the case of payments with mexican pesos, it will be used the official exchange rate by Banco de México at the check in date.

The published rates includes all the apartment services such as: building fees, water, electricity, gas and (when specified) internet, cable TV, telephone and maid service once a week. Maid service is only applicable for stays longer than one week. The published rates does not include taxes. Mexico City Apartments charges a fixed administrative fee of $40.00 USD per booking.


A refundable guarantee deposit is required to rent any of our apartments. The deposit amount varies depending on the apartment selected, the quantity of guests and the length of the stay. The security deposit never exceeds the amount of the rental.

When a booking is made with more than five months in advance, Mexico City Apartments will contact the guest again one month before the check in, in order to process the payment of the security deposit, which have to be made at least two weeks before the start of the stay. The point mentioned within this paragraph only applies for bookings made with more than five months in advance.

The security deposit will be fully refunded within the next five business days after the check out, when the owner confirms that there are neither damages nor missing items. The refund will be made with the same payment method used by the guest to make the pre-payment. If there are any damages, the guest shall pay for the repairs and if the cost exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the difference must be paid by the guest as well. It is mandatory to pay the security deposit in order to receive any apartment.


The check in time is set at 3:00pm GMT-6. If a guest arrives before 3:00pm and there is no other tenant leaving the property the same day, we can receive the guest before check in time (in the case of some apartments, an Early-Check-In fee may be charged). Please note that even if we confirm a check in before 3:00pm, it could be changed if we get a new reservation with the new tenant leaving the same apartment in the same day of your check in; in that case, the guest should wait for the standard check in time to occupy the property. The guest may also book the day before in order to guarantee the availability of the apartment for an earlier check in time.

Mexico City Apartments will match the check in time according to the guest’s arrival. A member of our staff will receive the tenant at the property and provide useful information about the apartment and the building. At check in, the guest shall sign the temporary rental contract and inventory, pay the remaining balance and receive the apartment keys. The guest will also agree on the time for the check out.

The check out time is set at 11:00am GMT-6. If a guest has to leave after 11:00am and there is no other tenant arriving at the property the same day, the guest may remain at the apartment after check out time during the same day (in the case of some apartments, a Late-Check-Out fee may be charged). Please note that even if we confirm a check out after 11:00am, it could be changed if we get a new reservation with the new tenant arriving to the same apartment in the same day of your check out, in that case, the guest should leave the property at the standard check out time. The guest may also book one extra day in order to guarantee the availability of the apartment for a later check out time.


Mexico City Apartments receive tenants from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm GMT-6 (all subsequent hours mentioned are also GTM-6). We can also receive guests outside our working hours any day of the year, but this service (late check in) has an extra charge according to the following scheme:

Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 9:00am or between 6:00pm to 11:00pm: $15.00 USD.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays between 7:00am and 11:00pm: $15.00 USD.
Every day between 11:00pm and 7:00am: $25.00 USD.
December 25th and January 1st, anytime: $25.00 USD.

Please note that if the arranged time for the check in is during our working hours, but the guest arrives to the property during the late check in hours, the extra fee will be charged. Also, if the arranged time for the check in is during the late check in hours, but the guest arrives to the apartment during our working hours, the extra fee will be charged as well.


Most of our apartments are rented for a minimum stay of one week and a maximum stay of six months, except for those where otherwise indicated. Some apartments are rented from two nights or up to two years. The guest may extend the stay by making a new resevation subject to availability.

Bookings can not be moved, if you decide to leave the apartment before the original check out date, previously made payments will not be refunded. Also, if you arrive to the property after the original check in date, the full amount of the rent must be paid.

If you wish to lengthen the stay in the rented apartment, you must contact Mexico City Apartments to check the availability of the property in the dates you need. If the apartment is available, guest and owner shall sign a new contract for the new period of time. Please note that prices may have changed.


It is required to provide the names and ages of all the guests that will stay at the apartment as well as all the additional relevant information requested by the property owner in any special case. Accommodating more people in the property that what was stated in the contract is not allowed. The guest shall respect all the building rules (admission of pets, noise, etc). The temporary rental contract must be signed for persons who are 18 or older. Failing in any of the above points is cause for cancellation of the reservation and where applicable, the corresponding eviction.


In the event that a guest should cancel the reservation or it has to be cancelled by any reason, the prepayment already made will not be refunded. Please note that the prepayment is non-transferable, changes of the dates or apartment are considered as a new stay and the existing booking is therefore subject to the cancellation policy.


In the case of an unexpected event in the property prior to the arrival of the guest that makes the stay impossible there, Mexico City Apartments can either relocate the guest to a similar available apartment, or refund the full prepayment already made. If the guest choosed to relocate, Mexico City Apartments will inform the guest about the different amenities, services and rates (the difference could be more or less) if there was not any available apartment with the exact same characteristics.

If you have any problem or inconvenience with the apartment facilities, let us know as soon as possible in order to find a quick solution. Mexico City Apartments will not accept requests of relocation or refunds due to disturbances from outside the apartment like street noises, building repairs or any other situation outside the limits of the apartment. Mexico City Apartments will not be responsible in case that the common amenities of the building are unavailable during your stay for any given reason. In the case of failures caused by external providers (out of the reach of the reach of the property owner), for example, internet, water, electricity, gas, etc. Mexico City Apartments will report the problem and make the follow up until the provider repairs the service. Usually the deadlines of external providers for resolving issues are 48 or 72 hrs, during that time, Mexico City Apartments won´t have the responsability of relocation or refund.

If there is any event that exceeds the responsability of property owners, like earthquakes, floods, other natural disasters, attacks, acts of vandalism, general blackouts, etc. Mexico City Apartments will make a good faith effort to find a solution but cannot guarantee that the guest will not have any extra expenses, such as relocation costs.


All the properties listed on this website have been visited by a Mexico City Apartments representative who took the pictures posted online. These photos are intended to provide a good idea of how the aparments look like, however, we are not responsible for last minute changes made by the property owners, therefore, pictures may not show the exact look of the apartments.

Most of our apartments include a basic telephone service without international/cellphone calls. Some owners leave a cell phone at the apartment and the guest may add credit to use it. Some of our apartments are pet friendly, however, even though the listing of any property states that allow pets, it is mandatory to always inform the kind of pet that is travelling before booking, since not every kind (or size) of pet is allowed. It is necessary to get a confirmation regarding any specific pet before making a reservation, the omission of this rule is sufficient to cancel any reservation without obligation to refund rental payments. It is responsability of all the guests to verify that the selected apartment fulfill all their requirements before making any booking.

Prices published on this website may differ in some apartments depending on the number of guests and do not include taxes. Expenses for electricity, water and gas are included in the rental price, as long as they are within the range of average consumption of the property, excessive use of any of these services must be paid by the guest and it would be deducted from the security deposit.

Most of our apartments include internet access. Although some properties have WiFi and Ethernet connection, others just have WiFi or ethernet, please verify that the internet service of the selected apartment fulfills your requirements. If you are traveling with a PC or MAC with special access configuration, there may be issues with the internet access, which will not be responsability of Mexico City Apartments. All our apartments are non-smoking and there is a penalty fee of 150 USD in case of non compliance with this rule. It is important to verify that any department meet your requirements before booking.


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at info@bestmexicoapartments.com.